Trade Show Products

Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with your customers, prospects and business partners. Trade show advertising can be one of the more expensive methods of advertising, but we can offer you very competitive options for your booth infrastructure and everything you could need to put your best foot forward.

Products by Type

Feel free to explore all the options below, and let us know what items you have an interest in, and we will respond quickly with up-to-date pricing and anticipated delivery time. You can send an e-mail, use the form below or just call for pricing. 

photo of types of trade show booth lights

Display Lighting

  • Lighting solutions for all types of displays. Luminosity™ and modern LED lighting options are a cost-effective way to maximize the design impact of your next portable exhibit.
Photo of a custom designed trade show display

Custom Exhibits

  • With over 40 years of experience in the design, construction, project management and fulfillment of custom and custom modular exhibits, we have what it takes to build your desired custom exhibit.

PPE for Business

Photo of 4 way plexiglas sneeze guard on top of a cafeteria table

Sneeze Guards & Barriers

  • Physical barriers provide an extra measure of protection while inspiring confidence in customers, employees and visitors.
Photo showing Hand sanitizing station, including banner with instructions

Sanitizing Stations & Displays

  • Encourage disinfectant practices for patrons, employees, and guests! Put brandable Sanitizing Stations in every entryway, hallway, common area, employee break room, near every restroom and more! 
Photo of hallway with social distancing decals positioned 6 feet apart

Social Distancing Floor Decals

  • Floor decals encourage social distancing, traffic flow and communicate important messages are critical for all types of businesses and interior environments. Help your customers keep their employees and patrons safe and healthy by encouraging social distancing!
3 examples of curb side out door signage

Curb Side Signage

  • Announce you are open, announce your new curbside delivery and pick-up services with curbside signs of a variety of types. A-frame signs, flags, and banners help communicate important messages to patrons and passers-by at-a-glance.