Advertising Specialties 

Promotional products that people love, will use, keep handy—and all customized with your brand.

Promotional Products Work. 

When compared to online advertising where the benchmark is impressions, or the number of times your ad is viewed, promotional items far outpace them. A high percentage of people who receive a promotional item keep them for some time. Many pass them onto friends. The number of impressions a promotional item may get are considerable. Recipients do report a favorable view of the company that provided them. Consumers love useful promotional items and will keep them and use them, all the time displaying your brand to the world. 

A Universe of Customizable Promotional Products.

We source promotional products from various sources, with different areas of focus. There are way too many products to display here, but the below will give you a brief overview of some categories. It's easy to get the right promotional product that suits your needs, audience, and budget. 

branded pens


A timely way to increase your brand awareness—perfect for employees that interface with the public or as promotional items.

Embroidered branded ball cap


Embroidered ball caps, wool hats, branded collared shirts, tee shirts, sunglasses, and more than we can list here.

Branded zip totoe bag


Lunch bags, cooler bags, carry bags of all sizes and descriptions. Bags have an excellent area to display your brand.

Branded coffee cup


Branded coffee cups, tumblers, stainless steel thermal containers, flip-top bottles, all very useful, with your logo.

branded USB drive


USB drives, USB hubs, portable phone chargers, waterproof phone pouches, and much more. These are highly valued items people use.

Branded hand sanitizer bottle


Hand sanitizers, lip balm, cleaning supplies, all sorts of related products are a growing category that people find very useful.

branded pens


A traditional favorite, items that people use in a business setting all day. Pens, binders of all types, sticky notes, mouse pads, you name it.

branded pens


From portable seating, frisbees, flashlights, umbrellas and beach balls, feature your brand in the great outdoors.

branded pens


Provide Earth-friendly promotional items, and win favor among those that value and cherish our environment.

What you see here is a mere indication of available promotional products. For the best results, we should discuss what your goals are. If it's a trade show, who is the audience? We can then drill down on choosing the ideal promotional item for them—something they will genuinely appreciate. Once we are in the ballpark, we can send you options along with pricing and turnaround information. You can use the form below, or call 610-965-3074 to give us an idea of what sort of item you are looking for and get you competitive pricing.